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January 1–21

Sometimes after a busy season, we need to slow down, rest, and set our focus on the Lord again. Realigning our priorities with God’s heart and making time to listen to His voice are important tasks that often take the back burner, and that’s why, as a church, we are setting aside 21 days to fast and pray.

Please pray about how God may want you to fast. If your health allows, consider fasting one meal a day or perhaps a certain type of food. Or you may want to prayerfully consider fasting things that can often consume a great amount of time in your daily life, like television, nonessential email, or social media. We encourage you to ask the Lord what He may want you to give up for the 21 days to fully dedicate time to reading God’s Word, praying, and listening to His direction for your life, your family, or the church in the upcoming year.

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