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In the initial installment of this 4-part series, Dr. Michael Youssef takes a deeper look at discipleship by exploring God's attributes, with a specific focus on sovereignty. He underscores the idea that comprehending God originates from His revelation in the Bible, particularly highlighting the central role of God's sovereignty. Addressing potential misconceptions, he reassures believers that God's sovereignty doesn't negate free will. Dr. Youssef highlights God's influence over disciples' lives, providing them with security, strength, and the Holy Spirit's empowerment to overcome challenges. Experience the transformative impact of God's sovereignty, and if you haven't accepted God's invitation, today marks the opportune moment to repent and encounter His love.

Unlock timeless insights on God's holiness with Dr. Michael Youssef as he shares the significance of being different, just as God is wholly different from humanity. In part 2 of this sermon series, Dr. Youssef examines Isaiah 6 and takes a deeper look at: ● The root of holiness: being set apart and transcendent.

● Why God desires disciples to embrace holiness and sanctification.

● The transformative power of encountering God's holiness.

● The role of repentance in removing God's condemnation of sin. ● How disciples can imitate Jesus and stand firm in holiness. For a profound understanding of God's holiness and your call to be different, watch this sermon. Embrace the challenge and discover the life-altering impact of living wholly for God.

In this powerful sermon, Dr. Michael Youssef addresses the most asked question by believing disciples of Jesus: "How do I know the will of God for my life?" Delving into the intensity of this question during times of transition, Dr. Youssef emphasizes the importance of willing obedience. He shares personal experiences and biblical insights, revealing that living in turmoil regarding God's will is not of God. Learn about the required curriculum for discipleship, focusing on the sovereignty of God, holiness, and the guiding hand of God. Discover the peace that comes from trusting God's guidance and the key to discerning His will.

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